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Printing Technologies

About Company Print

The distributor company IPS (Impreza Polyservice) was reorganized into an independent business company in 1995, on the basis of the arketing department of Impreza Printing Company, established in 1991.

IPS is one of the pioneers in Ukraine supplying materials and technologies for special types of printing. The Company’s key staff possesses ample experience in the industry and has the highest level of competence in the field of its activities.

The company is active in the following spheres:

  • Import and distribution of products for the printing industry: paints, inks, chemicals, equipment, constituent materials and technologies
  • Service
  • Training
  • Consulting


  • Paints, materials, equipment and services for screen printing
  • Inks, materials, equipment and services for digital inkjet printing
  • Ultraviolet paints, products and services for combined narrow web flexo printing
  • Anilox rolls and cartridges for wide and narrow web flexo printing
  • Software.

Official IPS partners, supplied products and partner status

  • Fujifilm Special Ink Systems (former Sericol), Great Britain (paints, varnishes, and chemicals for the digital inkjet and screen printing industry, paints for narrow web flexo printing). IPS is the company’s exclusive distributor in Ukraine
  • XAAR Limited, Great Britain (print heads for digital inkjet printing), IPS is the exclusive distributor in Ukraine
  • SEFAR, Siwtzerland, screens for screen printing, IPS is a distributor in Ukraine
  • Colorgate, Germany, RIP solutions for digital inkjet, screen and flexo printing, IPS is the exclusive distributor in Ukraine
  • Sandon Global, Great Britain, Anilox rolls and cartridges for narrow and wide web flexo printing, IPS is the exclusive distributor in Ukraine
  • M&R, the USA, equipment for screen and digital printing, IPS is the exclusive distributor in Ukraine
  • Fraser, Great Britain, antistatic solutions for digital, screen and flexo printing.

IPS Mission and Philosophy

  • Our mission is to cater professionally to the business needs of our Customers
  • Only excellent products, technologies and materials from the industry’s leaders
  • Service is above all
  • Package solutions for Clients
  • Establishing the status of distributed products as an industrial standard in the market
  • Popularization and implementation of innovative technologies

Company structure

Management, Sales, Supplies Department, central warehouse in Kyiv
Design and Pre-Press in Kyiv
Service and Training Center in Kyiv
Regional Eastern Ukraine Office, and Flexo Printing Sales Unit in Kharkiv


Locations and Personnel

The company’s offices in Kyiv and Kharkiv are located near the central parts of the cities and are equipped with all things necessary for effective interaction with customers and suppliers.

The company’s personnel numbers more than 30 employees. Sales and servicing of customers are performed by managers, each of whom has own specialization area and long-standing experience in sales within respective operational segments. All IPS employees performing sales and technical service support of our customers undergo regular training on production sites and in training centers of IPS suppliers in order to maintain and advance their levels of qualifications and professionalism.


Sales and Delivery

The IPS Company performs sales through a developed distributor network that covers all the main regions and cities of Ukraine: two offices in the most developed industrial areas – Kyiv (Central Ukraine) and Kharkiv (Eastern Ukraine); resellers in regions (Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Lviv and the Crimea). IPS, in association with Fujifilm Special Ink Systems, XAAR, and SEFAR operate mutual consignment warehouses in Kyiv that provide for time-efficient supplies within the Ukrainian territory.

The effectiveness of supplies for customers is secured by way of the stocks of imported products stored at local IPS warehouses in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Delivery throughout Ukraine is performed by virtue of effective logistics through leading courier services that run own warehouses in each district center nationwide.


Service above all

IPS is a service-oriented company, and this means that we are interested in not just moving products fast and smooth from our warehouse to a customer’s warehouse.

We are oriented on the provision of the widest range of services in the interest of the Customer: from “delivery to the door” of products to selection of the most optimal and specialized solutions.

In each of the operation segments (screen printing, digital inkjet printing, flexo printing), production needs of our customers can always be satisfied by our technical support specialists, engineers, each of whom possesses unique and longstanding experience in the industry, has the insight into the production situation and is always focused on opting for the most optimal solution of technological tasks posed before us by our consumers.

IPS complies unswervingly with its obligations undertaken before partners and makes regular investments into the developed of service.

The IPS Company operates own Service and Training Center, which is the only entity of the kind and the best equipped center in Ukraine.


We provide the following services:

  • Training in screen printing technologies, individual programs
  • Coloristics – mixing of paints according to the Pantone system (screen and flexo printing)
  • Production of aluminum printing frames
  • Stretching of screen fabrics on frames (the maximum format of up to 2.0 by 3.0 meters)
  • Duplication – application and regeneration of photoemulsion
  • “Computer to Film” Pre-press service
  • Sharpening of printing squeegees of up to 2 meters long
  • Printing tests
  • Development of print process technological maps
  • Research and developments in printing materials application
  • Cleaning and restoration of ink-jet printing heads
  • Construction of color profiles for color printing
  • Consultations

The goal is the Customer’s needs

The IPS Company applies maximum efforts to support and keep the customer informed, as well as to develop construction and create best production solutions.

The knowledge and experience of the company’s specialists are based upon interaction with co-suppliers, recent research and developments by product suppliers, membership activities within professional international and Ukrainian associations, visits of major international specialized exhibitions, and the monitoring of specialized literature.

Communication with consumers is performed through:

  • Participation in specialized Ukrainian exhibitions
  • Dedicated seminars with customers
  • News and publications publicized at the company’s website
  • Direct mail
  • Publications in specialized editions
  • Brochures, booklets, info sheets in the Russian language
  • Russian-language technical literature
  • Demonstrations and tests on customers’ sites
  • Training courses in the IPS Service and Training Center
  • Production development programs
  • Technical audits of customer’s production process and reports thereon
  • Offers to regarding service, supplies and sales

Business development

IPS stands for mutually beneficial development of business on the basis of the following principles:

  • Excellent package offer of products by the world’s leading manufacturers in top positions within the industry
  • Profound cooperation with consumers oriented on high quality of print products
  • Implementation of the most up-to-date solutions concerning the improvement of efficiency and economic indexes of the customer’s production
  • Unique service (with the support from IPS and manufacturer company employees)
  • Audit of production and optimization of the entire production process (from pre-printing work preparation to post-printing treatment)
  • Consummate solutions regarding color management in the sphere of screen, flexo and digital printing
  • Programs of cooperation with suppliers (on the international and local level).